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how did i
get so rich.

paul spend more time in
your green grand torino.

norman send me 200 dollars a month
for the rest of your life
to try and balance
your anti-gay karma.

joe remind me your last name
come eat another load.

ron embrace lower-case
cuz i said so.


stop mumbling
jesus christ.

strange man
when you bag her
lick her pussy good.

keep your peaceful consciousness
toward me.

soft-shell turtle
don't dive off the warm sand
beside the clinton river

in the drayton plains nature center
when you see me.

be a boss.

69 with me
when it's humid
in guanacaste province.

9-year-old boy
in the back seat of your family's car
on the ventura freeway
you can do it bro,
find love and happiness.

go back in time
skip the farm
go to high school.

don't take acid
and get in the car
33 years ago.

don't tell me about
any of your material possessions
for 5 years.

unidentified bird
look yourself up
in peterson's fieldguide
get back to me.

don't release your next book
until i edit and approve it.

rest of you
want advice
you'll have to service me a while
so i can get to know you.

find me again
won't let you down
this time.

it's so unfair
i'm this rich.
C. Cotter
Published in Issue 32