An Island Took a Nap and Dreamed
Don’t give me all your kissing treaties
Don’t pry my heart open.
Maybe I was better off
Sipping waters from my dreams.
Now virgin shores are all explored
Looted, torn and left to burn.
This land left an isolate isle again.
For a time I thought my soil had healed.
Then I saw rain for seven days.
My eyes are leaking again
And the ground proves still unsteady.
Floods return in an instant
At a whisper of Celtic ballads in the wind.
I have layers, sediments.
The undergrounds bump unevenly, uncomfortably
Uncovered in areas of sunken swamps and ponds
Sometimes discovered, but mostly revealed
To strangers who are not kin
To kin who should not find them.
Do I dare be found again?
Do I want to be conquered?
Laid claim to, or too much my own?
Shall I remain alone?
Perhaps, it would be better
To sink quietly beneath these waters.
Emily Soice
Published in Issue 40