My angel flies
Her feet dangling through the air, She flies miles above solid ground, Angelic in her new white summer dress, She watches her angel soothingly, knowing the fall could only ever be A few inches into the sand.
She opens her mouth and is suffocated By the chimes and bells in her throat Laughter spreads and blankets over the abyss, Eyes closed she lets it ring through her body Until her angel comes flying into her arms Molded into one another in bliss.
"Ready or not, here I come" Crouched behind the barrel she chuckles At the pit-pattering of her angel’s feet: Closer and closer they edge, right around the bend-- She is greeted with giggles and exhilaration, The light of her life so bright it blinds her.
"3…4…5…" Her tiny arms flail in anxiety as she rushes away Her chubby legs carrying her as fast as they can go, She runs from her, to hide better than ever before. "6…7…8" The ill-fated ring of her phone ends all fun and games.
Shadows engulf her chubby legs and She is thrown miles above solid ground. She opens her mouth and is suffocated By the streaks of black entering her lungs. The ominous thumps of his feet begin Farther and farther they retreat, right around the bend--
"Ready or not here I come" She tip toes along, muffling her giggles She turns the corner with anticipation-- And the light in her eyes fades at sight of nothing. She continues on, tip-toeing, Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing
She runs rapidly beckoning her angel Her heartbeat roars through her body Her throat stuffed with the white summer dress Every image of her angel on replay as her sight Begins to fade, aimlessly and blind she stumbles Arms reaching towards nothing, she screams.
Red and blue lights flash in and out of vision Yellow tape wrapped around her angel’s bed The chimes and bells of her laughter echo endlessly She flies overhead releasing this euphoric sound "Ma’am what color dress was she wearing?" "White."
Jasmin Kern
Published in Issue 40