Time to notice me
eyes dart viciously across the board, pencils
tenaciously rush across pages, scrambling
to inherit every imperative cipher--
I stare down at my blank page. How has it become so?
when did the wind guide me amiss, lost in---
my gaze locks on Yours; murmurs and
lessons fade into the din, I’m struck.
You, who sit majestically above all else:
inconspicuous at first, yet noble and precise.
vulnerable to Your power, my stolen glances surge:
release me from my hell!
Your stare on the back of my head,
knowing Your presence-- I blush.
my mind warps into a tangled mess of Your features
how You dictate my vocation, my avocation, and
oh, Your ability to set free my dreams.
but Your hands move slow and steady,
never do they waver, how I wish they would.
tic       	toc      	tic       	toc      	tic       	toc
Your heartbeat rhythm: monochrome. robotic.
why will Your beat not swell to my affection?
do You See me not? do You love me not?
my heart drowns as I let the barriers fall
and the neglected waves rush back in:
so I will wait for Your notice of me
tic       	toc      	tic       	toc      	tic       	toc
one final glance, I cannot resist.
Your endless indifference fades as you strike;
You surrender to my wish; reward my patience:
Our time arrives. Till death do us part, my love
Jasmin Kern
Published in Issue 40