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I gave that one a hand
and that one the other.
I gave my foot to these ones
and my other foot to them.
I planned it all out.
Nice neat slices.

Then more came
and I wanted to do it again.
There was still more of me
so I portioned out
the shoulder
cheeks (both kinds)

and then I left some for myself
just in case I ran out too fast.

sometimes I would take a cheek
and keep it for a few hours
just to have some for me
you know?

But then it got crazy.

She grabbed my hand and took my arm
he took my whole leg and thigh with my foot
he’s yelling at me because he can’t find my stomach
and I’m still clutching my cheek,
trying to get them to share properly.

Now they’re tearing
and I think I’m bleeding.
They’re still frantically searching
for their part
while I’m trying to stop them
because I’m really trying to keep track.
I still want to share
but with each day
I don’t know if I want this anymore.
And I think I dropped my cheek.

Now I don’t even have enough
to reach for the pieces
and I just want to sleep
Agatha Taiwo
Published in Issue 39