About Rune

What is Rune?

Established in 1974, Rune is the official literary and art magazine of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We receive hundreds of submissions every year and publish about 50 artists and writers each year in our annual journal.

At Rune, our mission is to shatter the stereotype that engineers and scientists can't be artists and writers by showing the world just what MIT students are capable of. Submit your work and get published!

Rune is funded currently by generous donations from the Undergraduate Association, the Council for the Arts at MIT, the Comparative Media Studies Department/Program for Writing and Humanistic Studies, and the deFlorez Humor Fund. Rune distributes a free annual publication to the MIT Community and relies entirely on donors. If you like what we do, please consider donating $5 to help us print our magazines and expand our activities on campus.

Executive Board

Elise Bickford Editor-in-Chief
Ivy Li Art Editor
Nafisa Syed Literary Editor
Effie Jia Publication Editor
Kristin Sheridan Publicity Chair
Jaclyn Baughman Secretary
Jessica Liu Treasurer
Kane Hadley Webmaster
Deborah Plana Senior Editor


Phillip Hu . Chloe Yang Noa Machover . Cynthia Fang Vivian Zhong . Austin Wang Amy Liu . Yida Wang

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