Caged—In the Style of Maya Angelou
A free student leaps
on the back of the Jeep
And rolls down street
till the curbside ends
And dips her chicken wings
in the orange sauces
And dares to claim her youth.

But the girl that stays up
late in her room
reads and writes through
the hours of gloom
her wings are not clipped and
her feet are not tied
but she feels the need to sing.

The tired girl sings
with a fearful trill
of grades long past
of deadlines estill
of reputations and
tests of will
for her family
she gives her freedom.

The free girl drives through another breeze
her radio soft as she jingles her keys
her fat dogs wait on the dawn, bright lawn
while she names the day her own.

But the tired girl studies, happy it seems
Although truly, loneliness pays the price of dreams
Her wings feel clipped, and her feet feel tied
So she opens her throat to sing.

The tired girl sings with a fearful thrill
Of days for herself, of days when still
Her love and wonder for her world would heal
The wounded and the shaken.
Luisa Apolaya Torres
Published in Issue 39